Tree and Shrub Sizes

Not sure what size to get? What's a 3 Gallon? Bare root? This section will explain the sizes of Trees and Shrubs that we offer and how big each of them are.

1 Gallon size azalea

1 Gallon Size Shrub

The one gallon size shrubs are going to be the most inexpensive way to purchase shrubs.  However, you can purchase tiny quarts from other garden centers but we only sell large shrubs.  Our 1 gallon shrubs that we carry are fully grown.  They are ready to go into a 3 gallon container.  The pot size is approximately 7" x 7".  Expect the shrub size to be between 8 inches to 2 feet tall and 1 foot to 2 feet wide.  They will grow quickly once planted and watered in the ground.  They already have an established root ball.

3 Gallon Size Shrub

3 Gallon Size Shrub

The three gallon size shrubs are going to be much more developed.  Expect a 3 gallon size shrub to be 3 times larger than the 1 gallon.  Our 3 gallon shrubs are fully developed and ready to plant.  They have a root ball that is 10"x12" and expect a plant to be 1-3 feet tall and 1-3 feet wide depending on the type of shrub.  Our 3 gallon Azaleas are 2.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide.  That is very large for a 3 gallon plant.  3 Gallon shrubs are going to become established in your landscape  faster, flower sooner, and look nicer in your landscape.


1-2 Feet Trees

These Carolina Saphire Trees are in a 1 gallon container and are 1-2 feet tall.  By next year they will be much wider and about 1 more foot taller.  1-2 foot size trees are great for an inexpensive hedge where you may need larger quantities.  They will grow quickly and save you money on your purchase.  Each tree will have a root ball on the bottom of 7" x 7".  

3-4 Foot Leyland Cypress Trees 3-4 Feet Trees

Here is our 3-4' Leyland Cypress Tree.  They are much larger and wider than our 1-2' size.  If your looking for a more instant hedge that will take less time to grow for privacy, then our 3-4' size tree would be a much better option. 

5-6 Foot Trees

5-6 Feet Trees

Most of our Shade Trees, Flowering Trees, and Fruit Trees are 5-6 Feet tall.  We have the largest trees that are shippable by FEDEX.  This is the height from the top of the container to the top of the tree.  Our Tree heights do not include the height of the container(12")  You will receive a true 5-6 foot tree.  

By purchasing a larger tree, your tree will fruit faster, bloom sooner, and grow faster!