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Junipers in the landscape

Junipers are Amazing!

Junipers are indisputably the most useful and easy to grow landscape shrubs out there. These evergreen bushes are hardy, beautiful, low maintenance, and grow throughout the United States. The versatile Juniper is widely used by professional landscapers because this tough plant thrives with almost no care and offers year-round interest.

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red crape myrtle trees

Choosing the Right Crape Myrtle Tree

So, here you are. You LOVE Crape Myrtles! We do too! But what now? What size? What color? What type? This article will point you in the right direction when picking out a Crape Myrtle of your very own.
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picking blueberries from bush

Choosing the Best Blueberry Bush for your Home

Blueberry bushes are a great fruit bearing plant for beginner gardeners. These bushes are easy to maintain and even easier to grow. So the question is...where to start? Here we will discuss the Best Blueberry Bushes and their noteworthy qualities. This will help you determine which plant will be best for your landscaping needs.
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