Terms and Conditions

Our Plants:

Each plant we package and ship will carefully be inspected to make sure that you receive the highest quality plant possible free from insect infestations and disease.  All of our plants are living and healthy at time of shipping. There are many factors that affect a plant.  Weather, soil conditions, watering conditions, animal and pest damage, etc.

Receiving Delivery:

When your shipment arrives, carefully inspect packaging to make sure their is no damage.  Open your package immediately and water your plants thoroughly.  Watering your plants on arrival is the most critical step to ensuring success for your new plants.  

If your package arrives damaged, please take pictures of the damaged packaging, your plants, and send to support@ThePlantingTree.com or call our office at 1-855-541-7526.  Your claim must be received within 5 days of receiving your package.  We will reship the damaged plant within one business day after receiving your claim.  If the product we are replacing is out of stock, we will place a credit onto your account to order a substitute or wait for the product to be restocked.   We have no control over shipping delays or damage to your shipment.  

Our Basic Warranty:

Here at The Planting Tree we want to keep everything simple and enjoyable for our customers.  Our warranty process is no different.  We will NOT hide behind the usual, lengthy, confusing, small print verbiage.  Though every order is unique the warranty process shouldn't be.  

  • If your product dies within 5 DAYS of receiving your order please email us for a replacement.

  • If your purchase a dormant product and it does not come out of dormancy by June 1st, please email us for a replacement.

  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for…

    • Neglect
    • Weather
    • Drought
    • Pest or Disease
    • Unopened boxes - please open your box ASAP
    • Material purchased out of Zone  

We truly value every customer and want their experience with The Planting Tree to be positive and easy.

1-Year Warranty

If you have purchased our 1-year warranty at time of checkout and carefully followed our planting and care directions after receiving your plant(s), and need to turn in a claim, please send us an email at support@theplantingtree.com.  In the subject line please specify your order number and also attach pictures of your plant.  The Planting Tree will replace your plant one time for a period of one year.   The Planting Tree will replace your plant NOT including shipping.  Claims submitted after the one year warranty period will not be honored.   Shipping address of claim must be the same as original shipping address.  Our 1-year warranty will only cover plants planted in suitable growing zones.  Once a claim is submitted, we will check your growing zone based on your shipping address for the plant that has perished.  Except for indoor plants, warranty will be void if the plant purchased is not suitable for your growing zone.    


Orders submitted through our website will be paid electronically and charged immediately. Orders are then packaged up carefully and shipped using Fedex.  Fedex carriers will deliver your package to your door and do not require a signature.  

Canceling An Order:

If you would like to cancel an order it must be done immediately.  Orders are picked, packed, and shipped as fast as possible.  Once your order has gone to shipping it cannot be canceled.  If your order has not yet gone to shipping there will be a 10% restocking fee.  To cancel an order you will need to call during our business hours.  Order cancellations cannot be done via email and must be done over the phone.   To cancel an order, please call our office at 1-855-541-7526.

Wrong Item delivered:

During our picking and packing process, we carefully select the finest quality plants to ship.  If for some reason we mispick the incorrect plant on your order, we will ship at no additional charge your correct plant.  You may keep and plant the wrong item we delivered as a courtesy.   If the item is out of stock, we will credit your account for the price of the plant and you will then have the option to wait for additional stock to become available or order a different plant.  There will be no refunds.


Any living products shipped from The Planting Tree, LLC all sales are final.  In the event a living product is rejected on delivery, we will check to make sure that the product is re-saleable.  If the product can be resold, we will credit your account 50% of the current price of the product returned.  If the product cannot be resold, we will not grant any credit for the returned product(s).  There will be no refunds. All sales are final.  

Any hard-goods that are not living may be returned with a 10% restocking fee.  We will then credit your account to use on future sales.  

All prices are subject to change without notice.