Encore Azaleas for Sale

Encore Azaleas for Sale

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12 Item(s)

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Encore Azaleas are a must have if your looking to add more color to you yard.  These azaleas bloom from spring all the way until fall!  Over and over your Encore Azaleas will keep pushing out flowers.

Are they easy to maintain?  These azaleas are a no maintenance shrub.  Simply plant, water, relax, and enjoy the colors that enhance your yard.   We recommend fertilizing your azaleas with a high quality fertilizer at least once per year.

Landscape Ideas for Encore Azaleas

Encore Azaleas can be planted by themselves or planted together as a group.  If you looking for a punch of color, we recommend planting in a group of 3 or more.  Stagger each plant about 3-4 feet apart and you will be amazed by the flowers that they produce.

Do you have containers?  Encore azaleas are also great planted in a decorative container for use on patios, walkways, or other areas of the yard.  

Buy Encore Azaleas Online

Our Encore Azaleas are carefully packaged making sure that you receive a full size quality plant.  We only ship quality commercial size plants which many other online company's ship tiny quarts.  

The Planting Tree is a certified online nursery by Encore Azalea.

We are adding new Encore Azaleas weekly so check back for more varieties.  

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