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Azaleas are hardy, flowering shrubs that are great for adding color and depth to any landscape.  Azaleas are low maintenance and easy to grow.  Great for group plantings, hedges, or even a single specimen, you have an endless list of options to brighten up your yard.  Try a few different varieties for a lot of impact!

The Delaware Valley Azalea is loaded with tons of beautiful, lightly fragrant, white flowers.  This evergreen azalea attracts butterflies and is extremely low maintenance.

The petite Dorothy Hayden is perfect for small spots where you aren’t looking for much height.  The mature size is 2 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide.  This evergreen Azalea attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its creamy white, fragrant blooms.  This shrub is low maintenance and even tolerates pollution.

The Encore Series are hardy Azaleas that rebloom for 3 seasons!  They bloom in Spring, Summer and Fall.  Encores are pest resistant and do well in full sun to partial shade.  We have several of these popular evergreen azaleas to choose from, in an array of colors!

The beautiful, compact shape of the Girards Crimson Azalea doesn’t require pruning.  The reddish pink blooms are impossible to miss. Just when you think the show is over, fall arrives turning deep green leaves a stunning, shiny red.

The Hardy Gardenia Azalea has stunning, white, layered flowers very similar to the gardenia.  This Evergreen Azalea is a compact, low maintenance shrub that will fit in anywhere!

The low maintenance Johanna Azalea is easy to grow and maintain.  If you are looking for some bright color to add to your landscape the Johanna is an excellent choice with showy red blooms in Spring and Summer, followed by red foliage in fall.  This azalea is one of the few that is cold tolerant even growing into a zone 6!

The large, lacy red blooms of the Red Ruffle Azalea are sure to be a hit with your friends and neighbors.  This compact, evergreen Azalea is an extremely heavy bloomer.  

Fast growing, heat and sun tolerant, Southern Charm is the perfect name for this evergreen azalea!  The deep pink blooms make this hardy variety an eye catcher.  This low maintenance shrub is great for adding pops of color throughout your landscape.

 The Sun Glow Azalea boasts huge 3 inch pink blooms that demand to be noticed.  This evergreen azalea is low maintenance, cold tolerant, and disease resistant.