Rising Sun™ Redbud Tree

A Tree That Says WOW!

  • Foliage that really shines in your garden
  • Very lush, colorful tree that shows off all three seasons
  • Spring is now better than ever with its beautiful colorful blooms
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This is one of our Favorites!  This redbud tree has what others don't.  Watch as its heart shaped leaves transform into a work of art.  Each leaf has a tri-color to it.  Enjoy yellow, orange, and apricot colors during the summer and fading into a lime green when it gets hot.  Wait... we forgot about spring.  As spring approaches, beautiful fushia pink blooms cover its branches that really brighten your day. 

The Rising Sun Redbud needs to be planted in an area where it will receive full sun.  It reaches heights of up to 8-12 feet tall and about 8 feet wide.  It will need regular watering once it gets hot but other than that, its quite the tree.  

Birds and Butterflies will also be attracted to this redbud tree.  

This is the ideal tree for a specimen or focal point in your landscape.  

Additional Information

Shipping Restriction AZ
Grows in Zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Sunlight Full Sun
Soil Type Adaptable
Mature Height 8-10 Feet
Mature Width 6-10 Feet
Drought Tolerance Good
Fall Color Yellow
Bloom Color Pink
Botanical Name Cercis canadensis 'JN2'' P.P.#21,451

How To Care for your new Rising Sun™ Redbud Tree

When planting your Rising Sun Redbud be sure you have the right location and conditions for your new tree to thrive.  Spring and fall are ideal times to plant.  However, if you avoid freezing and hot temperatures you can plant almost any time of the year.  

Redbuds are very easy to maintain.  These trees tolerate full sun, part sun, and part shade and are adaptable to any soil as long as it isn't saturated. Water your new Redbud deeply about twice a week for the first couple months.  After establishment, this redbud is drought tolerant.  In extended drought periods this tree will benefit from a weekly deep watering. Add a layer of 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of the tree about the size of the tree canopy.  Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk as this increases the chances of pests and disease.  Fertilize in early spring, summer and when planting to give your tree a boost.  Choose a balanced, slow release fertilizer.  Redbuds don't generally require pruning, but if needed, prune immediately after blooming has ceased to remove any dead, dying, crowded or crossed branches.  Pruning in winter is likely to cause bloom loss.

The best way to prevent disease and pests is by providing the appropriate care for your plants.  Proper location choice, watering and fertilization are the keys to your success.Rising Sun Redbuds are pest and disease resistant so they rarely encounter serious health issues. Avoid problems with Borer insects by ensuring your tree remains free from damage, especially from lawn equipment.  Mulching helps to keep weeds at bay which eliminates the need to use lawn equipment near your tree.  Borers look for a hole or weak spot to penetrate. Scale is an immobile insect that can affect almost any tree.  You can treat this pest with horticultural oil. Be sure to coat the entire tree.  


Planting Directions

Step 1:

Unpack all of your plants right away! Look for the perfect location. Make sure you are planting in the correct light conditions.

Step 2:

Dig a hole twice the width of the root ball. Position your plant in the hole. Make sure the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the original grade of the bed. Also check to make sure it is straight from all sides.

Step 3:

Fill up hole with water before placing new plant in hole in order to saturate the surrounding soil.  Once the water is absorbed place your plant in the hole and water thoroughly.  


Planting a shrub digging the hole

Step 4:

Mix the potting soil and the soil removed from the hole. Start by backfilling soil around the root ball. Carefully pack in the soil to remove any air pockets. Water plant thoroughly again until the soil will not hold any more water. This will ensure that your new plant will be a success.

Step 5:

Fertilize around your plant with the amount recommended on the package. Our special Fertilizer contains all of the nutrients to keep your plants growing and healthy. Repeat every 3 months.

Step 6:

Finish up by mulching around your new plant.  Apply 1-2 inches of mulch around the plant and plant bed. Mulch will help keep the soil moist and keep weeds out.

Step 7:

Keep watered with a hose every 2-3 days for 2 weeks. This is critical for plant survival. In the third week, begin to water as needed depending on the weather. Always check by placing your finger under the mulch to see if the soil is moist.


Shipping and Delivery

Most orders ship next business day.  Please allow 1-3 business day to process and pack your order for shipping.  View the shipping map below.  Please note that shipping times on the map below are not guaranteed.  

West coast orders on plants will be held until the following Monday to prevent additional transit time on sensitive plants.  Your plants will be carefully packaged and shipped using Fedex, UPS, or USPS.   

You will receive a confirmation via email when the carrier picks up your shipment.  Delivery emails are also sent when your package arrives.  As soon as your package arrives, It is important to open your boxes and water your new plants thoroughly.

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Each plant is carefully hand selected and packaged making sure that they will arrive ready to plant! 

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I ordered it. And I received it quickly. Like the way they package them. When you open the box no dirt in box. Planted it right away and it is turning like the pictures look. I also have ordered several other trees because we are building a house and need everything for our yard. All are doing well so far so good
October 15, 2016
11 months ago
Rising sun redbud trees
I ordered 2 of these trees,I was nervous about ordering live plants online but I was extremely impressed and relieved to find the trees delivered in excellent condition and were packed very well.I will be planting them tomorrow and hope that they will do well through winter months.I highly recommend the planting tree.com and will order in the future if my trees do well.
October 14, 2016
11 months ago
Will know for sure next spring but so far everything timely and well pruned healthy tree.
October 19, 2016
11 months ago
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Why did you choose this?
ThePlantingTree.com Store
it has everything, beautiful leave shape, changes in leave colors and beautiful flowers, plus it is a small trees which it is what I need for the area where it is going to be plant
Dalia C on Sep 13, 2017
Difficult to find in this size... looking forward to seeing the trees when they arrive.
Elizabeth G on Oct 30, 2016
it has everything, beautiful leave shape, changes in leave colors and beautiful flowers, plus it is a small trees which it is what I need for the area where it is going to be plant
Dalia C on Sep 13, 2017
i like the color
denise k on Sep 9, 2017
Difficult to find in this size... looking forward to seeing the trees when they arrive.
Elizabeth G on Oct 30, 2016
I chose this tree as a memorial gift because of its heart shaped leaves. I have one of these trees as well and enjoy it every season. It's one of my favorites.
Shana V on Oct 22, 2016
Color. Leaf shape. Reviews.
Connie M on Oct 16, 2016
Beautiful colors, and the size available ( 5' to 6' Ft ) was much bigger than what was offered at other places.
Antonio A on Oct 10, 2016
Size, appearance.
Brian S on Oct 9, 2016
I chose this tree as a memorial to a beautiful spirit that left the planet too soon. The heart shaped leaves will hopefully remind those left behind of his love and strong spirit.
Holly W on Oct 6, 2016
I like the color and shape of the leaves,also spring flowers
Pallavi D on Oct 2, 2016
Beautiful small tree
Nancy F on Oct 1, 2016
Because of its beauty year 'round.....
Dr R M on Sep 14, 2016
Redbuds have always been one of my favorite trees, and when I learned there was a new variety that had three colors I just about flipped. None of my local nurseries carry it or have even heard of it. Most other online places sell bare root, one foot starts. I was so excited to find this, and can't wait to get my tree!
Heather F on Sep 12, 2016
i like the color
denise k on Sep 9, 2017
I chose this tree as a memorial gift because of its heart shaped leaves. I have one of these trees as well and enjoy it every season. It's one of my favorites.
Shana V on Oct 22, 2016
Are rising red bud trees deep or shallow rooted? Will they lift foundations?
Bel J on Jun 4, 2017
BEST ANSWER: redbuds have a taproot that can run very deep and then the rest of the roots are pretty shallow and will reach about as wide as the canopy. However these roots are not at all invasive. As long as you don't have extremely hard clay soil or something that could force the taproot to grow horizontally you won't have any issues. Really with this small variety I doubt you would have issues even then.
Will this tree grow well in Sugar Land TX 77478? The spot chosen for planting gets full sun all day.
Peggy W on Jul 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes you are a zone 9a and this tree grows into zone 9. Just water well especially for the first few months and throughout the first summer.
What is the size of the tree shipped ?
A shopper on Sep 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You just need to "choose an option" to view sizes. Currently we have these in 5-6ft.
hello, i was planning on purchasing 2 rising sun red bud trees but im concerned about planting them now where the temps are around low 40's F at night (Northeast Ohio). Will this be an issue, should I wait until spring to purchase and plant?
Scott C on Oct 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Trees can still grow and establish as long as temps are 40 and above. These trees are pretty cold tolerant too. So I think you should be fine to plant now. I would mulch the trees in well and water deeply when temps are going to dip much below freezing for the first couple months. It keeps the roots at freezing temps and not below.
Do deer eat this tree or avoid it? I have very hungry deer.
A shopper on Aug 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Deer will just about eat anything if they are hungry enough. However it is not their first choice.
We've had this tree in our yard for about 3 years now. This year we have had 3 branches just break where we've had to cut the branches off completely. Do you have any idea why this would happen and how we can prevent this from happening again? Thanks
Sigrid M on Aug 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We would need more information to answer this question. Did they break from snow damage? Or the weight of the leaves? If they broke because of weight, you can prune the longer branches to prevent them from breaking.
Will this tree grow well in Santa Ana, ca.92705?
Ramona B on Oct 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would not recommend any Redbuds for this area. They prefer cooler weather. Some of our Crape Myrtles will grow into a zone 10. Check out the Natchez, Pink Velour, and Muskogee varieties.
Will this redbud thrive in Capistrano, California?
IMCJINCA on Oct 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, this tree grows in zones 5 to 9 and Capistrano is a zone 10. It is not recommended to plant tree in this area.
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