October Glory Maple Tree

Extremely Popular Hardy Variety!

  • Can grow over 3 feet in a single year!
  • Reaches heights of 40-50' and 25-30' wide
  • Beautiful fall colors
  • Disease and pest resistant
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Product Details

Whether you have a natural “green thumb” or just appreciate beauty, the October Glory tree is perfect for you! No other Maple tree exudes the radiance and longevity of the October Glory.

Features of the October Glory Maple Tree

This vibrant Red Maple requires minimal attention in order to flourish! The beautiful October Glory grows rapidly into an attractive oval shape.

When established and secure the October Glory can grow over 3 feet per year! At maturity the October Glory reaches between 40 to 50 feet in height with a 25 to 30 feet spread.

The leaves of an October Glory are 3 lobed opposite. In the spring and summer they have a luminous medium to dark green color. You will even see tiny, yet showy red flowers appear in the spring. These little flowers pop against the green adding to the beauty of this tree.

In late fall, when the trees around them are shedding and preparing for winter, the October Glory shines! A stunning reddish color appears that will brighten up your yard.

The October Glory prefers sunlight. While easy to transplant and grow in a variety of soils, the October Glory thrives in acidic soil. This Maple Tree is able to tolerate soggy or occasionally flooded soil. Unlike others in its class, the October Glory is less dependent on weather. The October Glory can survive in many different climates, adding to its appeal.

Landscape Ideas

Shade trees add character, charm and value to your home.  The October Glory Maple is a solid, strong shade tree that will make your landscape stand out.

Additional Information

Shipping Restriction AZ
Grows in Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Sunlight Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil Type Adaptable
Mature Height 40-60 Feet
Mature Width 20-30 Feet
Drought Tolerance Good
Botanical Name Acer rubrum

How To Care for your new October Glory Maple Tree

When planting your October Glory Maple tree be sure you have the right location and conditions for your new tree to thrive.  Spring and Fall are ideal times to plant.  However, if you avoid freezing and hot temperatures you can plant your Maple almost any time of the year.  

These trees tolerate full sun to part shade and prefer soil that is well-drained, slightly acidic, and nutrient rich.  However, October Glory Maples will adapt to a variety of soils. If you have alkaline soil, you can amend your soil.  To acidify your soil, amend with compost, elemental sulfur, or use fertilizers specific for acid loving plants.  Mulching with pine straw or pine bark will help over time as they begin to break down, but are not an immediate solution for increasing acidity.  Mulching will also aid in keeping the roots cool and moist.  Add a layer of 2 to 3 inches of mulch.  Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk as this increases the chances of pests and disease.  Maples should be watered often enough to keep the soil moist.  Maples can tolerate a wet area, but they shouldn't be in standing water.  Fertilize in early spring and when planting to give your tree a boost.  Choose a slow release fertilizer.  When planting take care not to burn the roots by mixing the fertilizer into the soil before placing your tree in the hole. Maple trees don't generally require pruning, but, if needed, prune when they are dormant to remove any dead, dying, or crowded branches, or to maintain shape.  Maples are salt intolerant so keep them away from road sides in cooler climates and beach areas as well as any area known for soils with high salinity.

The best way to prevent disease and pests is by providing the appropriate care for your plants.  Proper location choice, watering, and fertilization are the keys to your success. Scale and Aphids are insects that can affect Maples.  You can treat these pests naturally with horticultural oil, neem oil, or insecticidal soap.  For severe infections you can use pesticides like carbaryl, also known as Sevin.  Occasionally fungal issues can arise. Generally, treating after infection isn't extremely effective, so if you have problems yearly treat in early spring with fungicides to prevent infection.  Neem Oil is an organic method of treating some fungal diseases and pests.  It can be effective, but the entire tree must be coated in order for this method to be effective. 


Planting Directions

Step 1:

Unpack all of your plants right away! Look for the perfect location. Make sure you are planting in the correct light conditions.

Step 2:

Dig a hole twice the width of the root ball. Position your plant in the hole. Make sure the top of the root ball is slightly higher than the original grade of the bed. Also check to make sure it is straight from all sides.

Step 3:

Fill up hole with water before placing new plant in hole in order to saturate the surrounding soil.  Once the water is absorbed place your plant in the hole and water thoroughly.  


Planting a shrub digging the hole

Step 4:

Mix the potting soil and the soil removed from the hole. Start by backfilling soil around the root ball. Carefully pack in the soil to remove any air pockets. Water plant thoroughly again until the soil will not hold any more water. This will ensure that your new plant will be a success.

Step 5:

Fertilize around your plant with the amount recommended on the package. Our special Fertilizer contains all of the nutrients to keep your plants growing and healthy. Repeat every 3 months.

Step 6:

Finish up by mulching around your new plant.  Apply 1-2 inches of mulch around the plant and plant bed. Mulch will help keep the soil moist and keep weeds out.

Step 7:

Keep watered with a hose every 2-3 days for 2 weeks. This is critical for plant survival. In the third week, begin to water as needed depending on the weather. Always check by placing your finger under the mulch to see if the soil is moist.


Shipping and Delivery

Most orders ship next business day.  Please allow 1-3 business day to process and pack your order for shipping.  View the shipping map below.  Please note that shipping times on the map below are not guaranteed.  

West coast orders on plants will be held until the following Monday to prevent additional transit time on sensitive plants.  Your plants will be carefully packaged and shipped using Fedex, UPS, or USPS.   

You will receive a confirmation via email when the carrier picks up your shipment.  Delivery emails are also sent when your package arrives.  As soon as your package arrives, It is important to open your boxes and water your new plants thoroughly.

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Each plant is carefully hand selected and packaged making sure that they will arrive ready to plant! 

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Very nice quality
Came in a container and we planted right away! My husband always wanted one of these maple trees so thats what he got for his birthday.
April 24, 2016
I ordered 2 of these maple trees. I was upset about paying for shipping but after seeing the trees in these boxes I was much happier.

I will say it saved me some time and I did not have any way of getting these to my house.

At the end of the day my new october glory maple trees are happy and so am I.
May 11, 2016
Happy with Trees in Iowa
we received our maples Friday, outstanding, shipping was perfect, trees are larger than we expected. Very Healthy, Will do business again for sure.
Very happy with them, will do business again for sure. Excited to watch
Them grow.
We received our two Trees Friday, Shipping was
Prefect, trees larger than we expected, very healthy.
May 29, 2017
Healthy, beautifully shaped tree
My October Glory arrived within 4 days of ordering it. It was professionally packed for shipping, with moist roots potted in a 12-15" pot, wrapped in plastic and secured in a very sturdy cardboard shipping container. The tree was about 7' and had quite an array of new healthy leaves growing out of a straight trunk with perfect, unmarred bark. ThePlantingTree Nursery has an extensive range of plants and flowers plus tips on care and pruning. I highly recommend this organization. Here's a picture of the newly planted tree next to the 150yr old maple that had to be removed. I hope in the next 10 years, this maple will reach 40' and display a spectacular red foliage.
October Glory Maple replaces a 150yr old sugar maple.
October Glory Maple replaces a 150yr old sugar maple.
April 28, 2017
5 months ago
Great shopping experience!
Exactly what I was looking for. I researched many sellers and tree varieties before selecting this tree and The Planting Tree. It arrived quickly, was very well packed and so far is doing well. Yes, I would buy from them again.
May 13, 2017
5 months ago
Great looking tree
This tree looked better after traveling in a box for two days than some I’v bought directly from the nursery. I have high hopes

that it will shade the front of my house in the coming years. I lost three of my shade trees to Hurricane Irma. So far it looks healthy and ready to grow.
October 1, 2017
1 month ago
I was very impressed on the fast delivery and the good condition of my tree.
I was impressed by the quick delivery and quality of my October Glory Maple tree. I had done quite a bit of research to choose my tree and The Planting Tree did not disappoint. I know my family will enjoy this beautiful tree for years to come.
September 8, 2016
1 year ago
skeptical it will survive
The tree has leaves that appear to have been eaten by bugs and there were some webs in the branches. I followed the instructions and planted it but am skeptical it will thrive.
October 5, 2017
3 weeks ago
Response from ThePlantingTree.com
Please send us photos of the plants to support@theplantingtree.com. We are happy to assist you. Anytime you have concerns especially upon arrival, please submit photos right away so we can get it documented and give you the proper info for care. If it isn't just a minor issue that doesn't affect the health of the plant we will replace your plants as long as you contact us within 5 days.
October 7, 2017
Jill RStaff
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I’ve seen it and it’s besutiful
Connie I on Oct 17, 2017
I wanted some color at our cottage on the lake in Michigan. Everything we have around us is just green.
Bev S on Sep 3, 2017
I’ve seen it and it’s besutiful
Connie I on Oct 17, 2017
Color and size
Phyllis S on Oct 13, 2017
I wanted some color at our cottage on the lake in Michigan. Everything we have around us is just green.
Bev S on Sep 3, 2017
color and shape
Jerry P on Jul 26, 2017
I already have two of these magnificent colored trees and wanted a third.
John P on Jul 8, 2017
This maple tree will do better on the west coast, I like the color and that it is fast growing.
william m on Jul 8, 2017
It is beautiful!! For a friend who just lost her mom!! Both their birthdays are in October perfect gift!!
Jolene K on Jun 9, 2017
researched didnt like the silver maple. Picked it
Maryjane H on May 16, 2017
The price was very fair thank you
Larry M on May 14, 2017
Size and color
Mike C on May 12, 2017
wife said so!!! :)
brian a on May 3, 2017
Very beautiful tree.
Kristine G on Apr 26, 2017
Fall foliage
Michael c on Apr 24, 2017
I want a shade tree with deep red foliage in the fall.
Robert Z on Apr 24, 2017
I'm redoing my front yard landscaping, have removed a very large cedar and need to replace it. I wanted something that holds leaves for a long time and that will add color. I'm hoping this will do the trick. Easy shopping. "Real" photos. Made this a good site to shop. I'll update after I receive my new gem!
Leslie T on Apr 21, 2017
Want to add more shade trees to my back yard.
John W on Apr 11, 2017
The leaves are pretty, it fits a neighborhood yard, and you had free shipping.
Patricia M on Mar 27, 2017
They are beautiful trees.
Darla H on Nov 12, 2016
To honor a young Syrian who died in a Syrian prison, captured at age 15 by Assad's regime in 2012. Also, to honor the plight and suffering of the Syrian people and all oppressed and displaced people around the world.
Clare B on Oct 13, 2016
I wanted a tree for front yard. After researching this seemed like a good choice.
Doug R on Oct 9, 2016
because it is a pretty color..
Ashley B on Sep 16, 2016
Heat and drought resistant, and a beautiful color and shape.
Cal F on Sep 13, 2016
We chose this tree for its unique year-round beauty, hardiness, and shade capabilities.
Nancy C on Aug 28, 2016
Color and size
Phyllis S on Oct 13, 2017
color and shape
Jerry P on Jul 26, 2017
Are October glory trees harmfu to horses?
Shelby C on Oct 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The information I have read is that fall maple leaves have proven to be toxic to horses. Mainly red maples, but it looks like avoiding all maples in pastures is ideal.
Does this maple have roots that appear above ground such as the silver maple? In other words can things be planted under the tree without problem?
A shopper on Sep 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Any tree can really - especially when sprinklers are used for surrounding grass. This variety is a maple that is much less likely to have this issue though versus Silvers and Norways. If you water less often and deeply especially when newly planted this will help the roots grow deeper rather than providing a little bit of water everyday which can keep the roots closer to the surface.
I live in MO is now a good time to plant a glory maple?
Jackie D on Aug 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely. However you can plant these trees at any time of the year since they already have a large root system.
Hi, is this maple red as autumn glory or orange/red? I am looking for a deep orange color that would stay longer, for I planted a young autumn glory and it is bare now since Oct 20, but another maple tree is still a wonderful orange/red show. I do not know the cultivar of that maple.. but looks like your picture... thanx!
Irene on Oct 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: they go from orange to red like most red maples. the color can be a bit different due to acidity in the soil. OGs are supposed to hold their leaves longer that other trees.
I live in New Orlearn zone 9,can this plants survive in my zone?
A shopper on Mar 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The October Glory Maple can grow in a zone 9. Just be sure to keep the soil moist especially the first year.
I live in New Jersey Zone6,I ordered an October Glory 6/7feettall, it is very thin but looks healthy. A big snow storm is due tomorrow night in our area, Could I keep the potted tree inside until the temperatures change?
Thank you, Perla
Perla on Mar 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You can, but I would just put it in a garage or shed or wrap the pot in burlap if you are worried. Taking it inside would be making it warm fast and then cold again when you put it back out. It experienced freezing temps here in the nursery so even outside exposed it will be just fine:)
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