Lesco Transition Blend Grass Seed

Premium Tall Fescue Grass Seed

  • Perfect seed blend for Mid-Southern areas 
  • Dark forest green color year round!
  • Will get you excited to mow your lawn

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Product Details

Lesco Transition Blend Grass seed is one of the best grass seed blends around.  You cannot get this at your local garden center.  Lesco provides a clean weed-free grass seed that germinates well.  

Three premium turf type tall fescues to include Falcon IV, Shenandoah Elite, Restore, Catalyst, Stetson II, Padre, Kingdom (DB1), Comete, and/or Renovate.  

The Transition Blend Seed will germinate within 7-10 days when ground temperatures are above 60 degrees.  This makes a fast seed germination time to grow a nice quality turf.  

There are many types of Tall Fescue Seeds.  Lesco provides only the best growing varieties that show dark green color, are drought tolerant, and are also good for high traffic areas.  

All Pro Transition Blend will provide a durable turf that will tolerate drought, heat, shade, and traffic. The varieties in All Pro Transition Blend contain endophytes to increase resistance to above ground feeding insects. Falcon IV has qualified as a Turf grass Water Conservation Alliance variety (www.tgwca.org). When seeded at recommended rates, All Pro Transition Blend will form a dense, fine textured turf with excellent mowing qualities. All Pro Transition Blend components have undergone turf trials to screen for desirable traits, including disease resistance. Geographical Adaptation: All Pro Transition Blend is suitable for permanent turf in the Warm Humid, Warm Arid, Cool Humid, and Cool Arid zones.

Suggested Usage: All Pro Transition Blend is suitable for golf course roughs, home lawns, athletic fields, commercial turf areas, parks and playgrounds, particularly where irrigation is limited. All Pro Transition Blend is wear and traffic tolerant.

Recommended Seeding Rates:

  • New Establishment 6-8 lbs/1000 sq ft
  • Renovation 20 - 50% existing cover – 5 - 7 lbs/1000 sq ft 50 -75% existing cover – 4 - 6 lbs/1000 sq ft

Additional Information

Brand Lesco
Grass Type Mixed
Drought Tolerance Good
Traffic/Wear Tolerance Level High
Grows in Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

How To Care for your new Lesco Transition Blend Grass Seed

Recommended Maintenance Practices:

Highest quality and durability is reached using moderate to high maintenance levels. Allow turf to establish prior to heavy use. Excellent results can be obtained using slit seeders for turf renovation. Maximum competition against Poa Annua is achieved with fall seeding. Mowing at 2” to 3” heights is recommended (lower mowing heights require higher maintenance).

Turf Establishment Guidelines:

Adequate seed bed preparation is important in new turf grass establishment as well as in over seeding. Check soil pH and apply a Starter Fertilizer (18-24-12) prior to seeding. Cool season grasses germinate best in the 60º to 85º F (16º to 30º C) soil temperature range. Select Tall Fescue Blend will germinate the best in soil temperatures of 65° or above. Frequent light irrigation and/or seed starter mulch is required for optimum germination. Germination should be visible within 14 days; complete turf establishment will take two to six months.


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You will receive a confirmation via email when Fedex picks up your shipment.  Delivery emails are also sent when your package arrives.  As soon as your package arrives, It is important to open your boxes and water your new plants thoroughly.

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Five stars for the customer service at the planting tree. Answered all my questions about this seed and even sent me a free bag of soil. Wow
March 5, 2016
Worked for me.
I purchased this grass seed last fall and it worked very good. All of the seed germinated and is still looking really good.

I just fertilized it again with starter fertilizer and its already greening up. I would recommend!
March 5, 2016
Lesco is the best.
We planted Lesco 2 years ago and it proved to be the drought tolerant plant we were looking for. In 3 years we have watered three times. Rain is our water source and the roots went deep. I will always use Lesco.
User submitted image
User submitted image
User submitted image
September 18, 2016
7 months ago
Lesco grass seed
Great fescue seed. I had used in the past but was unable to locate locally. If kept watered, .will start to come up in a week. Stays green all winter.
October 18, 2016
6 months ago
First time home owner. Front lawn was a disaster. All sand and weeds. A few bags of peat moss and top soil and some overseeding with the Lasco Trans Blend in September and it's all emrald green now. Thick and lush.
November 14, 2016
7 months ago
Lesco all pro grass seed
I aerated my back yard last fall and it is gorgeous right now. It is plush and so green. I did my front yard yesterday due to the mild winter we have had here in Tennessee. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the back yard.
A few spots I missed. Will redo this spring.
Deep green grass!!
February 24, 2017
7 months ago
Good grass seed
Super product. Really appreciate your prompt delivery.
March 27, 2017
1 month ago
Looks Great!
Very happy with the new grass!
April 24, 2017
1 month ago
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Why did you choose this?
ThePlantingTree.com Store
It's the best!
Charles V on Apr 24, 2017
Recommended by my lawn treatment company
Richard M on Apr 20, 2017
It's the best!
Charles V on Apr 24, 2017
Needed more and it works great!
Giovanna S on Apr 21, 2017
Recommended by my lawn treatment company
Richard M on Apr 20, 2017
I owned a landscape company in Raleigh NC for 9 years in the 90's and this was my turfgrass of choice as well as Lesco fertilizer products...more bang for the buck - higher germination rate and no fillers in their fertilizers....
Murphy C on Apr 18, 2017
This brand of grass seed was highly recommended. I have tried all of the other brands from the local store such as Lowe's and Home Deport and they did not work. More weeds than grass. So I'm hoping this brand works!
Roxanne S on Apr 12, 2017
This is what the lawn care company used and I wanted to match it. Although from what I read it is a great seed.
William L on Apr 5, 2017
It had great reviews and had great results in sub part soil. Exactly what I need! Oh and to look better than the neighbors!
Rodney B on Mar 25, 2017
My neighbor used this grass seed and it looked fantastic!
William D on Mar 19, 2017
This grass seed makes a beautiful lawn.
Gerona G on Mar 9, 2017
Recommended by a coworker and Lesco is a well known company with quality products. It is perfectly reasonable pick by builders.
Kevin F on Feb 24, 2017
I've purchased Lesco seed and fertilizers for a number of years because it's a superior product. Expensive, yes, but if you're serious about having a nice lawn, you will not settle for cheap. Do you see Lesco products on TV? Don't need to when you see the results and push by word of mouth! You will not be disappointed is all I can say and until the company starts putting out a inferior product, I will continue to purchase it.
Douglas C on Feb 23, 2017
They advertised this product as readily available without delay. It wasn't available in my specific area within a 100 mile radius of my zip code.
Randy T on Feb 23, 2017
Seemed to be the best product on the market for shady and sunny yards
Kip H on Feb 20, 2017
reviews were very favorable and I want a thicker lawn
LINWOOD W on Feb 19, 2017
Tired of fighting to obtain a successful lawn. Took a class and this seed was determined to be one of the best for my zone and basic needs
Evelyn B on Feb 19, 2017
wonderfull seed I have used before with great results, live in Atlanta ga area
Alan C on Feb 19, 2017
Prior use.
Gary T on Nov 8, 2016
My landscaper uses this seed and I was impressed with the contents and how fast it grew. My lawns went from looking like the Nevada desert to an actual green lawn in no time. I plan on using it as long as I have a lawn to care for.
Carroll A R on Oct 23, 2016
highly recommended
Michael A on Oct 16, 2016
I used to use this seed more than 6 years ago at our old home address. It was absolutely beautiful grass. Back then you could buy this seed in a number of different places. The past two years, I've requested this seed from a private lawn care group and a big name company. Both used something else without ever telling me they couldn't get what I asked for. Now, I'm doing it myself, and I'm so glad that The Planting Tree has this lesco seed. There's simply nothing else like it! Thanks!
Timothy H on Oct 15, 2016
because my husband says so
THONGSAVANH P on Oct 13, 2016
Monika A on Oct 5, 2016
Wonderful grass seed Used by both of my daughters !!!! Wonderful coverage!!!
Ronald D on Oct 5, 2016
looking for a grass seed that will grow and not die off or seem too weak to grow. also i want a good looking lawn that makes me proud to see it grow and looks good.
Steven P on Oct 4, 2016
lawn service company recommended
Constance S on Oct 3, 2016
Used this type before my landscaper guy gave me and its the best ever for east tn.
steve g on Sep 28, 2016
Friend Recommendation
Paul O on Sep 27, 2016
Good reviews and a fair price.
Robert S on Sep 27, 2016
Reading the reviews on this grass seed help me to make up my mine on which way to go .
Kenneth H on Sep 26, 2016
I have used the other grass seed at local stores, they are junk. I got more weeds than grass and it was not Dark Green. This product gave me the best lawn I have had in years, the key is to water often.
William C on Sep 26, 2016
used before with good results
David S on Sep 24, 2016
I have tried various grass seeds. I am searching for a seed that will survive in the transition zone
Harlan S on Sep 23, 2016
The description of the product looks like it is exactly what I need for my area to have a nice lawn.
Troy Y on Sep 22, 2016
Recommended by my son
Emma M on Sep 20, 2016
Best grass seed
Lynn K on Sep 20, 2016
i have used this seed for nine years love what it give my yard
norris j on Sep 20, 2016
Trust the brand
lorna e on Sep 14, 2016
Previously used
William M on Sep 14, 2016
price is right
Audrey C on Sep 14, 2016
Wanted a turf-type tall fescue that would be most attractive in a home lawn and stand up to southern heat.
Robert N on Sep 13, 2016
Lesco is the best.
Eva S on Sep 8, 2016
Very good success with this seed over the years. Have used it for the last 5 years with great success.
Robert J on Sep 5, 2016
I've used it in the past and it is much better than the Scotts products I've tried before.
Carl D on Sep 1, 2016
After much reading and studying, this is what was recommended for my area in Tennessee. I am anxious to see the results.
Paulette T on Aug 29, 2016
I hope it will do for my grass what its fertilizer did for my garden.
Samuel K N on Aug 3, 2016
landscaper referral
Jacqueline B on Aug 1, 2016
No longer available at big box stores near my location
Joan L W on Jul 26, 2016
Needed more and it works great!
Giovanna S on Apr 21, 2017
I owned a landscape company in Raleigh NC for 9 years in the 90's and this was my turfgrass of choice as well as Lesco fertilizer products...more bang for the buck - higher germination rate and no fillers in their fertilizers....
Murphy C on Apr 18, 2017
Sun and shade on lawn. Will this work? Or do I also need the shade mix?
Roddy T on Aug 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This mix works virtually anywhere. As always, soil prep, seed layment and lots of water are your best friends. Now is the time for grass growing. Intense heat is no good ??
When should I aerate my yard for overseeding?
Paulette T on Aug 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It depends on temperature. Ideally September is the month to aerate and overseed with temperatures from 60's to low 80's. Be sure to repair all areas that are bare by loosening the soil and topdressing the seed with Pittmoss for best results.
Did you guys put starter fertilizer before laying out the seed?
A shopper on Mar 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Enter an answer to this Time to Plant
The ideal time to fertilize new grass seed is before or while the seed is being sown. Although starter fertilizers vary slightly in composition, most have quick-release nitrogen, which gives the seeds the nutritional boost they need to promote healthy germination and to ensure rapid establishment. Depending on the brand, starter fertilizers have either equal parts of nitrogen, phosphate and potash or two parts of nitrogen to one part of phosphate and one part of potash.The term "starter fertilizer" refers to placing small amounts of fertilizer near seeds so that the emerging seedling roots can find nutrients quickly. Whether to use a starter fertilizer depends on the how much organic material is in the soil, time of planting and soil pH levels. Seeds planted in warm, rich soil are less likely to benefit from starter fertilizer. Starter fertilizer is helpful when planting in poor soil or when soil is cold and wet.

Starting Check
Before using chemical fertilizers, the soil should be tested to see what is lacking and what the soil pH is. Test kits can be purchased at home and garden centers, or soil can be sent to a lab for testing. Rich, dark soil with plenty of organic material is likely to have enough nutrients easily available to seedling roots and may not benefit from starter fertilizer. Phosphorus for root growth and nitrogen for leaf development are especially necessary for newly sprouted plants, so checking these levels is important. If either of these nutrients are lacking in the soil, a starter fertilizer can be applied to give the young plants a good start.
Locked Tight
Soil pH is important to nutrient availability in the soil. When soil pH is below 6, phosphorus becomes tied up with iron and aluminum in the soil and cannot be used by the young plant roots. Soil that tests for sufficient phosphorous but has a low pH level may still benefit from a starter fertilizer application. Adding lime to the soil is good way to increase pH levels to make nutrients in low pH soil available to garden plants. Liming lasts longer than adding starter fertilizers and will benefit all plants, not just seedlings.question.
I'm planting a starter lawn. Plans to begin in March. Is this going to be a good time in NC?
Cynthia K on Feb 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: definitely!
My grass is Ky31. Can I mix this seed with that?
mary ann r on Sep 20, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can however, this blend of fescue seed is much better than Ky-31.
What setting should I use for a scotts ez green edge guard broadcast spreader?
Dwayne H on Nov 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Every spreader is different. Start at a smaller setting and seed the area. If your overseeding spread enough seed to cover at 5lbs per 1000 sqft. If it only takes 2lbs increase the rate.

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