Camellias are gorgeous, evergreen shrubs with shiny green foliage and colorful blooms. Low maintenance and stunning, Camellias add beauty to any landscape with ease.

Great for a beautiful screening hedge, the Greensboro Red Camellia’s mature height is 6-8 feet and width is 5-6 feet. This Camellia’s light red, lush blooms are sure to be admired by all who pass. Use the Greensboro Red for a single planting, a screening hedge, or even prune into a lovely tree shape.

You can’t go wrong with the Marie Bracey Camellia. Disease resistant and drought, heat and deer tolerant, this Camellia is one tough, evergreen shrub! The fragrant, layered, pink flowers are 4-5 inches wide. The Marie Bracey is extremely versatile in the landscape.

The low-maintenance Pink Icicle Camellia attracts birds and butterflies with it’s gorgeous, delicate pink flowers. This evergreen shrub is great for hedges, mixed borders, screens or even as a single planting.

The winter blooming Yuletide Camellia is a real stunner in the landscape. You can’t miss these Camellias with their dark green, glossy foliage and deep red flowers. Use them as a specimen shrub or a privacy screen. The Yuletide is low maintenance and drought tolerant.