• Planting in Summer Dos and Don'ts

    Planting in Summer: Can You? It is drilled in to us from the day we start gardening that we must plant in spring or fall when the temperature is mild.  So, what's the real scoop?  Is planting in summer really that bad?  The short answer is heck no, it sure...
  • Knock Out Rose Trees: You Need One...or Three!

    Most of us remember our parents and grandparents babying old fashioned rose plants.  Pruning, spraying, and picking off caterpillars and trying bleach solutions and other home remedies to treat fungal issues that returned every year.  I clearly recall that death to Japanese beetles and horned worm caterpillars coffee can filled with gasoline or rubbing alcohol my mom carried around in her garden and the work my mom put in for just a few roses on a tall, thorny, ugly stem.  To be fair those roses were stunning and heavenly scented.   are spoiled  Continue reading

  • Pruning Hydrangeas – Which ones to Prune and How

    Let’s face it. There is a ton of misinformation on the internet when it comes to gardening. That is why I am not at all surprised when people tell me that they are scared to prune their hydrangeas.  Often owners of hydrangeas are confused about what pruning can and will do for their plants. Many hydrangeas don’t even require pruning.

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  • Crape Myrtles and Improving their Blooms

    If the image of Crape Myrtle blooms does not make you want to plant some of your own, then the following reasons definitely will:

    There are hundreds of Lagerstroemia spp (Crape Myrtle) sizes and colors that are available to you. Based on your garden theme, your gardening needs, and the time that you set aside to garden, there are endless possibilities!

    Crape Myrtles are so terrifically low-maintenance that those of us who spend minimal time in their garden can grow them easily. Continue reading

  • Hydrangea: Care and Color

    Do you love the large and colorful flower heads of the Hydrangea?  We do too!  These stunning shrubs grow throughout the United States.  Caring for these shrubs is fairly easy, but depending on your area, the type of hydrangea you have, and if you are seeking a certain color, you will want to adjust how you care for your hydrangea.

    Don’t worry!  Caring for Hydrangeas isn’t hard.  The biggest concern is keeping these plants watered in the extreme heat. Continue reading

  • The Gardenia: Care and Varieties

    Gardenias are fragrant bushes that are almost too beautiful to be real.  Their glossy leaves and perfect, aromatic flowers make them a shining example of a southern shrub.  This outstanding beauty isn't too good to be true though!  A Gardenia is easy to care for and even pest and disease resistant.
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  • Fastest Growing Shade Trees: Our Top Picks

    People want fast growing trees.  They google them, they ask for them, and they buy them.   You can say it's because Americans are impatient, but there is so much more to it than that.  A fast growing tree cools your home sooner, saving on energy bills.  A mature tree increases property value and that means improving your selling options.   With a new house, a large shade tree can make it a home, a place for your children to grow up, a tree to climb and explore, and a canopy for you to sip lemonade under and take in nature or a book.  We hope that you'll find your perfect fast growing shade tree to treasure for years to come in one of our top picks!
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  • Knock Out® Roses: Colors, Variety, and Care

    Knock Out® Roses are fairly new to the gardening scene. Over the past 10 years these Roses have become insanely popular for their delicate, colorful, plentiful flowers that bloom throughout 3 seasons as well as their pest and disease resistance and extremely easy care. Continue reading

  • The Dogwood Tree: An American Treasure

    Even the novice gardener tends to recognize a Dogwood tree.  Dogwood trees are native to the eastern US and frequently seen naturally there and in the landscape throughout the United States.  The native and most popular Dogwood, Cornus florida, is the state tree of Missouri and Virginia as well as the state flower of Virginia and North Carolina.  The stunning, four petaled blossoms are unique and a sure sign that spring is here! Continue reading

  • Let's Talk Spring Blooming Trees!

    See ya later, Winter!  Hello, Spring!!

    As the barren landscape springs to life and warm weather arrives we begin to emerge from our homes and bask in the sun. It is time to get outside and take in the sights and scents of spring blooms! There are so many options for adding spring color to your landscape. Let's start with our recommendations for the best spring blooming trees.
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